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What can I apply for?

 AYM will consider requests for assistances with:
  • Instrumental tuition costs
  • Purchasing or hiring of an instrument
  • Purchasing instrumental accessories such as cases, bows, reeds etc.
  • Fees for long-term music courses such as Saturday school fees
  • Travel for attending long-term music courses (where the young musician has a long journey)
  • Purchasing sheet music
  • Exam entry fees
  • Audition fees and associated travel costs
 AYM will only help with the following items in exceptional circumstances:
  • Holiday music courses: We will only support the cost of a holiday course if it offers specific training that the young musician could not otherwise access.
  • Ensemble membership fees: Where the ensemble offers specific training that the young musician could not otherwise access and where the ensemble do not provide their own bursary scheme.
  • Computer software: We will only support the purchase of computer software when there is clear evidence that the software will support the musical progression of the young person, for example if they are studying composition or music production. 
 AYM cannot help with:
  • Reimbursements for items already purchased
  • Settling the balance on items paid for on credit.
  • Academic school fees
  • Costs associated with higher education
  • Foreign ensemble tours
  • International travel for masterclasses or courses
  • Computer hardware
If you would like to apply for a musical cost not listed above, we recommend you contact our Awards Team before making an application.