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Eligibility Criteria

Before an application can be made for funding Awards for Young Musicians need to assess whether the young person meets the basic eligibility criteria of the Awards programme.  

The young musician must be between the ages of 5 and 17 on 31 August  of the Award year.  This means they must not have turned 18 between now and 31 August 2019.

Residency Status
The young musician must be living and studying in the United Kingdom and satisfy one of the following residency conditions:
  • The young person has been resident in the British Islands for the past three years
  • The young person is a national of a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and is the child of a migrant worker;
  • The young person is a refugee or the child of a refugee who has not been ordinarily resident outside the British Islands since being recognised as a refugee or granted leave to enter or remain in the British Islands.
Residency status - furthering information

Musical study
The young musician must be learning a musical instrument.  AYM is not able to support costs associated with vocal studies.   Applicants can tell AYM about more than one instrument if they wish.

Musical genre
We accept applications from young musicians playing any musical genres.  Past Award winners include: folk musicians, rock musicians, classical musicians, Indian classical musicians, jazz musicians, pop musicians and many more.  You may want to read about some Example profiles of Award winners to get an idea of some of the young people whom AYM support. 

Evidence of musical talent/potential
We are looking for evidence of exceptional musical talent/potential.  Our Awards programme is not aimed at beginner-level musicians, nor do we expect all applicants to have taken top-level grades or be members of national ensembles.  We understand that everyone is on their own musical journey. Our application form has therefore been designed to discover the strengths of each young musician.

As part of the application we will ask you to upload a video of the young person playing their instrument.  This can be filmed on a mobile phone, tablet, camera or other device. Visit the Video Guidance Notes or more information.

Evidence of financial need
AYM fundraise continuously in order to be able to provide as many Awards as possible.  Our funds are limited and, in line with our charitable objectives, we must prioritise applicants demonstrating the greatest financial need in addition to musical talent/potential. Our Awards Programme is means-tested.  Our eligibility threshold is modelled on the lower level threshold employed by the Government's Music and Dance scheme.  This looks at the annual, gross, family income of the home in which the young person mainly lives and takes into account the number of dependent children within that household.  The following guidelines may help you decide whether to progress with an application:
  • Your gross annual family income is £30,000 or under: you are likely to be eligible to apply
  • Your gross annual family income is between £30,000 - £40,000: you may be eligible to apply, depending on the number of dependent children within the household
  • Your gross annual family income is above £40,000: it is unlikely that you will be eligible to apply for funding.